Lackluster Spanish?

The Spanish front seems to have stumbled upon quite a problem amongst their ranks. Some reported a scene where Vicente del Bosque was seemingly fumed with Cesc Fabregas due an overall dull training session. He asked Fabregas to return his bib back after a rumored ‘lifeless’ training session. Is Spanish team losing their spirits already?
The Chelsea recruit for the Spanish team, Xabi Alonso, meanwhile, stated that he will remain in his stead against Australia. The veteran, who had announced his planned international retirement, shed some light into the matter by giving his own very personal assessment based on what he sees from the tournament with AS.
He stated that they hadn’t been able to maintain their hunger and their conviction they needed to make a serious attempt at defending the trophy. Then, he continued his line of argument with his opinion regarding the zeal of the team, He told reporters that the happiness they had been experienced in the past and all of the successes were over. Is that really true? Is it over for the Spanish team already?
With a dejected kind of look, Alonso added his more of his thoughts on the matter, He frankly stated that in terms of football, they have made a lot of mistake, They had lost their way and their own ability to be themselves out on the pitch which had been the one that enabled them to win at so many games in the past. He then concluded his assessment by giving the reason why he felt that way is because the overall mood had been different for this time. It is implied that he felt the team had lost its touch, unlike in any other tournaments, and he remarked that that is the saddest thing, as he added with a sigh.